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ParadoxComic, December 3rd, 2017, 8:17 pm ( Reply )
There's a new comic starting on the Sunfall Patreon! It's got 4 pages posted right now, with another 5 going up this month. You can find it in the $10 tier! It is NSFW though, so be warned.
Advertisement, November 19th, 2019, 4:31 pm ( Reply )


Soooo Intrigued
ArtemisStar (Guest), December 3rd, 2017, 8:30 pm ( Reply )
So... Now I am wondering if this is an older Nia... maybe there was a timeskip in the comic or something. Or as someone a few pages ago suggested, maybe it is Nia's mother. However, I think it is more likely to be Nia, just an older version. Or another half-sibling shaman.
Da Muffinator Fan (Guest), December 3rd, 2017, 8:31 pm ( Reply )
She's all grow'ed up!
Da Muffinator Fan (Guest), December 3rd, 2017, 8:32 pm ( Reply )
Already missing when she was smaller and cuter xD
Hte (Guest), December 4th, 2017, 12:12 am ( Reply )
@ArtemisStar: it is older Nia. She matches the design from Tumblr a while ago.
Thera (Guest), December 4th, 2017, 9:50 am ( Reply )
So the weasel thing is her companion? That's cute, but I was hoping for something firey, like a phoenix.
One That’s Hollow (Guest), December 4th, 2017, 10:44 am ( Reply )
Ren (Guest), December 6th, 2017, 11:52 am ( Reply )
Her features are very similar to her dads all grown up, nice touch!
Nathvas (Guest), December 6th, 2017, 8:31 pm ( Reply )
Wonder how Lajos react if an avatar from a dark star showed up, warning him that the cosmos would be sending him to finish what Moira failed to do.